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Filco Carting teams up with Bike New York.

Creating and building relationships with local organizations is a great way to share knowledge and information. Filco Carting Corp. was pleased to partner with Bike New York at our November Monthly Safety Meetings. Bike New York offers free bike education programs throughout the five boroughs, whereby they teach kids and adults how to ride a bike, and how to do so safely and confidently in New York City. In 2018 alone, they taught bike skills to more than 28,000 New Yorkers.

Rich Conroy of Bike New York spoke with our drivers and helpers at the Filco Carting Safety Training Facility. We covered various safety topics regarding sanitation trucks and cyclists. Some of the topics from the Bicycle Friendly Driver Training Program included topics like sharing the road with cyclists, right and left turns, safe passing, and what they teach cyclists in their program.

Our commitment to the Health & Safety of our employees, our customers, and the citizens of this great city will continue to be of the highest priority. We had a great response from everyone, and plan to partner with Bike New York again in the coming months.

We look forward to future events and partnerships with other organizations in this great city.

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