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Single Stream Recycling

Filco Carting Corp. offers Single Stream Recycling. This is a system in which all recyclables, including newspaper, cardboard, plastic, aluminum, junk mail, etc., are placed in a single container for recycling.

Simply gather your recyclables, place them in a single bin, and let us take care of the rest!

What’s in Your Bin?

Check out the materials we collect and recycle. 


Paper is sorted and baled by grades. These bales are then transported by truck and rail to fiber recycling plants where they are processed into clean pulp that can be used to make new paper products like hand towels, toilet tissue, pizza boxes, brown shipping boxes, and other packaging items.

Organic Composting & Food Waste

Filco Carting Corp. provides a separate collection of recyclable organic waste from food processors and restaurants. Organic waste is taken to a facility where it’s turned into compost, energy, or other valued upcycled products.


Metals are taken to various scrap metal facilities for intermediary ferrous and non-ferrous sorting and processing before being sold to foundries for smelting. Once there, it is shredded or ground into small chips, then melted and cast into ingots. The ingots are sent on to manufacturing plants where they are rolled into sheets of aluminum and used to manufacture end products ranging from cans to castings and car bodies.


Approximately half of the wood removed by Filco is sorted into open-top containers and taken to NY wood processing facilities where it is chipped and ground up for use as mulch, construction filler, and various types of composite board. About half of our larger pieces of wood are reclaimed by NY building materials reuse groups or are repurposed by companies in the construction of crating, planking and skids.


Glass bottles are sorted by color and sent to processing facilities that break the glass into small pieces called cullet. The cullet is then blended with silica sand, soda ash, and limestone and melted into molten glass.

Plastics & Vinyl

Plastics and vinyl are sorted and shipped to several mills in the U.S. and Canada and used in the production of various items including fibers, fleece sweatshirts, plastic lumber, tables, benches, truck cargo liners, trash receptacles, stationery (ex. rulers), and other durable plastic products.

Notice to Filco Carting Corp. Customers

We recently sent notices of the new NYC Commercial Recycling Laws to our customers beginning August 2016 and to be enforced in 2017. Summons will be issued for non-compliance.

Find out what this means for the way you manage your waste program.