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Filco’s Customer Sustainability Success Program

From our very first interaction with a new customer,  throughout their onboarding and consistently thereafter, Filco Customer Service Reps and Client Relationship Managers digitally provide all customers with real time, up-to-date educational materials explaining current laws, rules, best compliance implementation practices and their positive environmental impact.

Our Client Relationship Managers proactively & consistently visit customers to hands-on review, educate, support and provide direction/directional signage for their successful implementation of the current recycling & separation regulations & requirements.

Filco Carting offers hands on waste audits for customers combined with practical instructions on how the customer can positively impact increased diversion rates.

  • Our Client Relationship Managers consistently hold team member trainings on up-to-date recycling & separation regulations.
  • Filco Drivers & Route Supervisors as standard practice proactively seek out and photo document contamination via their on-board tablets where it is saved to the customers digital account information.
  • Our Customer Service Reps and/or Client Relationship Managers in turn reach out to the customer to provide a practical and fully effective remediation plan.
  • All Filco Drivers – as standard practice – are trained and directed to point out discrepancies then alert their Supervisor – who in turn provides findings to Client Relationship Manager & Customer Service Manager – who in turn reach out to customer to provide and internal audit, educate and rectify.

Filco’s Customer Organics Program!

Historically, Filco Carting has been and now remains a staunch advocate of proper organics waste collection and disposal in recognition of its impact on our environment. Currently, we promote/offer a wide range of Organics services to ALL our customers, regardless if they fall under current city requirements or not, and will continue to do so. Our activities surrounding our ongoing commitment include:

  • Large Organic Waste Generating Customers – for our current and any future customers, we collect their organic waste in our compactors that we provide and service.
  • Smaller Organics Waste Generating Customers- for our current and any future customers that do not produce enough organic waste to allow for a compactor, we instead use/provide “toters” (an organics only waste can) and service the collection of their organic waste.
  • Filco Carting does require our Organic customers to use high quality 36, 64 or 96-Gallon toters that are the safest, most sanitary and oder emitting in the industry. We both provide and service these toters which includes regular “carwash style cleaning” back at our Filco facility.

All collected organic waste is then brought to facilities permitted by New York State and New York City for compliant disposal.