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Since 1910, Filco Carting has and continues to pioneer exemplary sustainability practices

Since the 1950s, we have owned and operated recycling facilities, long before it became fashionable. Filco recognizes the critical industry leading role our Project Zero Waste NYC by 2027 plays into this and remains committed to our ongoing up-leveling for improving our environment.

Our Project Zero Waste NYC 2027 initiative highlights include:

New Waste Recovery Facility

Filco’s New Owned & Operated state-of-the-art Materials Recovery Facility is fully permitted with plan and capital in place. We project breaking ground end of 2023 and to be fully operational in 2024.

“Split Body” Fleet Expansion”

We will continue to expand our existing fleet of high-capacity multi-compartment trucks that effectively and efficiently accommodate the collection of multiple trash streams/recyclables, therefore one truck does the work of two hence lowering our carbon footprint and city street traffic congestion.

Dedicated Organics Trucks

Filco has five (5) new and additional Heil Dura-pack 4060 state-of-the-art split body rear loader trucks on order expanding their current organics fleet to seven (7) trucks total.

Filco Educational Resource Center, Training and Outreach Programs

We are continuing to up level our relentless ongoing and fully hands-on educational/training programs. These programs are designed to help further educate our team members, customers, and community alike on the most up-to-date sustainability and proper recycling practices and protocols.

DSNY Customer Signage Support

Filco does and will continue to proactively provide DSNY guidance and appropriately placed signage on correct recycling practices to our customers for ease of reference.

Filco promotes/provides organics waste services to all current and future customers regardless if they fall under the city requirements or not.

Our website has and will continue to have a dedicated section for customer education on the types of waste, how to determine what material falls into which waste stream and how to increase diversion and sustainability.

Filco Carting Safety Training Facility will continue expanding to provide recycling education to team members, customers, and the community.

Our Community Outreach Program will continue to reach out to educate our community on the best sustainability practices.

The Filco Project Zero Waste NYC for 2027

Filco Educational Resource Center, Training & Outreach Program

Filco Carting takes great pride in our Learning Culture where we are committed to consistently providing the absolute best sustainability and safety practices information and training readily available to our team members, customers and community.