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Sustainable living means understanding how our lifestyle choices impact the world around us and finding ways for everyone to live better and lighter.

– UN Environment Program

At Filco, sustainability advocacy takes on many different lifestyle platforms.

It is our goal to bring awareness of an all-encompassing, wide range of topics for the overall benefit of our culture and environment.

Filco’s Project Zero Waste NYC for 2027 is On Track!

Our mission is to create a full 360, comprehensive, Zero Waste Management and Educational Resource Center, Training and Outreach Program,  centered on reducing, reusing and recycling our city’s refuse for the health, safety and well being of our precious environment and community members to realize our Zero Waste Goals by 2027.

Filco proudly is well on our way!

Everyday Sustainability

At Filco, we recognize the ever growing importance of creating and maintaining lifestyle choices whereas our human needs can co-exist in productive harmony with our environment today and for our future generations.

Everyday Sustainability is dedicated to the sharing of ideas on how each of us can make simple changes to our day to day lives that have a meaningful impact on our precious environment.

Filco Gives Back

During the Great Depression, Filco Carting created a makeshift soup kitchen with their garbage collectors delivering food to those in need along their routes.

Thereafter, each subsequent generation of our family owned and operated business humbly continues this deeply rooted tradition.

The Sustainable Chef

Successful sustainability includes being mindful of food in a way that supports the health and wellness of our community members and environment.

Filco is dedicated to raising awareness on how each of us can make a meaningful difference in simple ways.

The Trashy Diva

Filco’s Trashy Diva is dedicated to raising awareness to sustainability with a little bit of humor. From Zero Waste Cocktails to ideas on Upcycling clothing and more, she delivers practical, cost effective and achievable sustainable practices with some sass!

Kids Corner

Children are the future. Filco is committed to providing easy and fun ideas to teach kids about sustainability at home and school.

These practices will allow children to make lifestyle practices today that will support a sustainable future.

Filco – CBS N.Y. #BetterTogether Go Green Partnership

Filco Carting is proud to be the exclusive partner with CBS N.Y. #BetterTogether Go Green initiative!

Together, Filco Carting and CBS N.Y are rolling up our sleeves to work together on news stories and fully hands-on activities that emphasize the importance of environmental and social sustainability and what each of us can do to positively impact this essential cause.

“We are happy to work alongside CBS N.Y. and invest in our great city by supporting local communities and volunteerism to the better health and well being of our environment and people. This partnership is in full alignment with our core value of always giving back” says our President and CEO Domenic Monopoli. “Even the smallest win can make an impactful difference”.