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On Thursday, January 23rd, Officers from NYPD’s 75th Precinct came to Filco Carting’s Safety Training Facility and presented a safety lesson. Many safety topics were discussed, such as, how to prevent auto theft, the process of reporting an auto accident & signs that another motorist may be driving under the influence.

Detective Johnson, Officer Fitzgerald & Officer Beltre are the 75th Precinct’s Neighborhood Coordination Officers, they work with the community to build personal relationships to better serve the needs of the community.

SWANA’s (Solid Waste Association of North America) Executive Director David Biderman was also in attendance for one of Thursday’s Safety Meetings. Mr. Biderman spoke with Filco’s Drivers about the importance of safety and how as professionals they are held to a higher standard than a typical motorist.

Mr. Biderman also presented SWANA’s Safety Pledge, which every Filco Driver & Helper signed. We encourage all industry employees to take the pledge as well.

Take the Pledge

The SWANA Safety Pledge
“I pledge to help everyone get home safe every single day. I will consider worker, customer, and public safety in every decision that I make.

My ultimate mission is to serve the community safely for myself, my company and those who depend on me. If I cannot do it safely, then I will not do it at all.”

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