Filco Carting Corp.

Established 1910.
Licensed by the
Business Integrity Commission
of the City of New York
BIC #390


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Safe & Modern Waste Management:
Business & Residential
Waste Collection Solutions

Waste Removal,
Recycling & Disposal

As leaders in the NYC Carting Company industry, Filco Carting Corp. has helped building owners, tenants, property management companies, consulting firms, and other entities surpass their environmental service goals.

From pick-up to disposal, we provide consumer satisfaction backed by a focus on personal relationships, outstanding customer service, our commitment to safety, and a common mission to help clean up and preserve the environment.

We service nearly 5,000 commercial, industrial & institutional firms in the New York City metro area, and have done so for over a century.

Our Waste Management Services include Dumpster Rentals, Non-Hazardous Waste Removal, Disposal & Recycling Services.

Dumpster Rentals:
Business + Residential

We specialize in Dumpster Rentals for both Commercial and Residential customers. Local residents have peace of mind knowing they are in great hands with Filco Carting Corp. Dumpster Rentals.

Organic Compost Collection.jpeg

Organic Compost Collection

One third of what New Yorkers throw away organics. We collect this material to create compost. Commercial Organics and Composting Services is part of our sustainability program, in our unrivaled commitment to a sustainable New York City.

We offer competitive Commercial Organics and Composting Services to restaurants, commercial offices buildings, hotels, hospitals, and several other commercial businesses, collecting food scraps and any other organic material.

Interior & Exterior Demolition

Filco Carting Corp. offers several demolition, waste removal, and container services. We offer both residential, and commercial solutions. We are experts in interior demolition, exterior demolition, and construction waste removal.

Filco Carting Corp is licensed by the Business Integrity Commission of the City of New York, BIC #390. Our teams and equipment are fully insured. We service residential, commercial, industrial & institutional firms in the New York City metro area.

Single Stream Recycling 

Filco Carting offers Single-Stream Recycling. Single-Stream Recycling is a system in which all recyclables, including newspaper, cardboard, plastic, aluminum, junk mail, etc., are placed in a single CONTAINER for recycling.

Filco Carting Corp has recently sent notices to our customers of the new NYC Commercial Recycling Laws beginning August 2016 and to be enforced in 2017. Summons will be issued for non-compliance.

To find out what this means for the way that you manage your waste program at your property, click here.

Secure Confidential Document & Product Destruction

Filco Carting Corp. is also one of the lowest priced document destruction service providers in the region.

Filco provides confidential document destruction services to guaranty the privacy of companies’ confidential information.

We provide video taped and witnessed shredding options for our customers, as well as certificates of destruction.

Sustainability Solutions

Filco is an innovator in helping companies find ways to become more environmentally responsible. Filco Carting offers numerous innovative programs that help businesses, institutions and agencies save money, generate new revenue with their recyclables and operate as a model green business.

Our customers enjoy non-hazardous waste removal and disposal services, as well as, numerous innovative programs guaranteed to help them achieve their Green goals.

On-Demand Collection

We have several solutions for On-Demand Collection.
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