Four Generations of Service, Family and Tradition


Filco Carting Company's commitment to cleaning up the planet began in 1910, with a horse and wagon, picking up trash in Manhattan’s garment district. Today, we are a fourth-generation family owned business and a leader in the evolution of the waste removal and recycling industry. Our goal is the same now as it was a century ago—to clean up the environment.

Filco Carting Corp. is a pioneer in non-hazardous waste removal and recycling for the Tri-state area. We are committed to providing high quality, cost effective and environmentally responsible waste collection and disposal services. From pick-up to disposal, we provide consumer satisfaction backed by a focus on personal relationships, outstanding customer service, and a common mission to help clean up and preserve the environment.


Filco Carting leads the way


As leaders in the waste management industry, Filco has helped building owners, tenants, property management companies, consulting firms, and other entities surpass their environmentally friendly goals. Our dedicated staff conducts comprehensive waste stream audits; develops solid waste management plans and reporting formats; creates efficient reuse and recycling programs. We also provide training, implementation assistance, and ongoing monitoring. 

Licensed by the NYC Business Integrity Commission, Filco is dedicated to maintaining the highest environmental standards. Our innovative waste reduction, materials management, and recycling programs are unmatched in the region. Filco is the first NYC commercial waste and recycling hauler to use low decibel, non-polluting, compressed natural gas (CNG) trucks in New York City. 

Filco provides a variety of environmentally safe waste removal services including: salvage and interior demolition; LEED ( (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) building and construction debris collection and recycling; product destruction; composting services, and food waste elimination programs.


Our Team


Domenic Monopoli
Vice President & COO


Michael Eisenstein
Account Manager


Tony Delia
Account Manager


Nazir Mohammed
Account Manager


Bob Mercandetti
Account Manager


Josh Eisenstein
Account Manager