Partnership in Community

Filco Carting Corp. is family owned and operated since our inception in 1910. Throughout our history, we have participated within and around our community. It is "food for the soul of the organization" when you learn and grow together.

We'd like to thank all our Customer Partners, and the event partners for including and participating with us in improving our communities. We look forward to future special events and continuing to build community relationships.

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We value community relationships and look forward to future opportunities to reach out and engage with our friends and neighbors. To contact us, please fill out the form.

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Brooklyn Bridge Park

Partnership means commitment. As our customer, our goals are the same as yours.

Filco Carting Corp. offers numerous innovative programs that help businesses, institutions and agencies throughout the New York City metro area meet or exceed their property environmental goals.

Check out the Brooklyn Bridge Park project. We installed 2 large compactors.
Together we are keeping the area clean and safe.


Annual Touch-A-Truck Day

Filco Carting stands toe-to-toe with some of the city’s biggest and baddest trucks, and its all for the kids. Children from P.S. 770, and the surrounding neighborhoods, enjoyed an annual, fun-filled day exploring service vehicles from various professions. Vehicles included an ambulance, armored car, fire truck, and Filco Carting’s own, state-of-the-art recycling truck.
At Filco Carting, we’re all about the kids and community. The annual fundraising event was East Flatbush’s Touch-a-Truck event, and “everybody always has a great time.” As for Filco, our truck was a real show stopper, “The kids love the recycling truck!”