Filco Carting Corp. commitment to a SAFE New York City

Safety is a priority at Filco Carting Corp.


Our commitment to the Health & Safety of our employees, our customers, and the citizens of this great city will continue to be of the highest priority.

We have listed several measures taken at Filco Carting Corp. to provide a Safe & Secure working environment for our employees, customers and the New York City community. 

Along with the hard work and dedication from our teams, here are jusgt some of the many ways Filco Carting Corp. has invested to refresh, and create the highest safety standards in our industry.

Driver Safety Conference

Safety Training Facility

Safety Training

Low-Accident History

Safety Drivers’ Gear

New State-Of-The-Art Truck Fleet

Routine Truck Inspection


Union Drivers Laborers Local Union 108

Night Foremen

Certified Mechanics

DMV & LENS Transcripts

In-House Health & Safety Personnel

Driver History

Drug & Alcohol Testing

To learn about our commitment to safety in more detail, visit our SAFETY PAGE.